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6 Proven Ideas To Make Your Kids Study During Lockdown

6 Proven Ideas To Make Your Kids Study During Lockdown

Every parent makes sure that their children get enrolled in the best schools keeping in mind the quality education.  Quality education is obviously the primary factor to choose the school for your kid. Though we should keep it in mind, the school is not enough for children to make them get very well results.

Children need to work on what they have learned in schools at home as well. School and teachers can’t do wonders alone until you focus on your children’s education (Homework, revisions, etc) as well at home.

In the present unfortunate pandemic situation, our children are also suffering in terms of going to school or summer camps or tuition. For northern states of our country schools were opening after winter breaks and in other parts of the country, summer camps were about to start. So, we need to cope with the situation for our children as well, the way we work from home for ourselves. 

The learning, revision, some add on to their skills can be obviously taught at home. In no means, we should see this lockdown as an extended break for them.

So here 6 tips that you can do to make them revise or doing homework at home

1. Setting Up Space For Study

I have seen parents making their kids do homework or study at each and every corner of the house- in balconies and at times in halls where other members are watching Television. It really sounds bad! 

Make sure you have allotted space for children’s study time with the least possible distraction. No matter if they want to do by sitting or ground over a rug or on the table – only comfort matters.

Another thing to be noted here is keeping your phone away, don’t use or chat over it, thinking you are already doing much by just sitting in front of them and keeping eye on them. Give your time in a proper way

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2. Set A Routine And Fix Time

Though we can make them study anytime in this period of being at home, setting a fixed time will make a good routine. Make sure you don’t tell them to study all day, few hours are enough (For grown-up children). Make sure you give them rest over weekends if they have not taken breaks during weekdays.

3. Revisions

Though all toddlers are going to join new sessions or just joining kindergarten in a few months. We can work on their revisions.

My daughter is going to join  Lower kindergarten, so I’m making her revise what she has studied in the Last class, apart from that we had chosen drawing classes for her summer camp which unfortunately she can’t go, so I am trying to teach her that at home.

Most Important I am not overburdening her with studies (1-hour maximum every day). So what suggest you all, to let your kids enjoy their space and studies.

6 Proven Ideas To Make Your Kids Study During Lockdown

4. Never Highlight Their Mistakes In Front Of Others

We know they make mistakes while learning, and sometimes they repeat it again and again. Scolding with limit is necessary while you are teaching them, but do it of your own and don’t involve everyone at home in it(In case you living in a joint family set up).

For that reason, I already mentioned making them study away in another room is important – with no disturbance and interference.

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5. Praise And Motivate Them

Not everyone can become Albert Einstein, make sure you praise your kids when they put effort to study and get back with results. They might be average or weaker in a certain subject. Work on it, don’t pressurize them to get over it.

Motivate them, may it boost them to learn more and do well. You can use this to be home to focus more on that subject.

On a lighter note, my toddler confuses between (s and 2) and (9 and p) most of the time and I am working on it.

6 Proven Ideas To Make Your Kids Study During Lockdown

6. Be In Touch With Their Teachers

Being in touch with their teachers and attending all parent-teacher meetings are always useful, you can keep track of your child’s progress and overall stuff in normal days.

 For this time most of the schools are sending activity charts and routines and helping the children out so that children can make good use of time. 

Children do extremely well if we, parents at home also work on them. Afterall parents are the first and the best teachers.

How you’re utilizing this time for the betterment of your kids?

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