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7 Ways To Enhance The Immunity Of Your Kids & Fight Corona

Are you taking measures to keep your kids safe from coronavirus?

Time to introduce cleanliness habits to make it a routine for them!

The coronavirus has spread worldwide and has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. I being a parent myself have endless concerns for my child and children around the globe. Schools are already closed, the lesser moment in public parks/malls can be noted too. Normal coughing by anyone makes eyes roll!

In this unfortunate time, in spite of being panic and stressed let us focus on building immunity in our kids and take safety measures to prevent it from our best efforts. If you have a toddler you may need to take extra care and make sure you follow the tips and go the extra mile to keep watch.

1. Don’t Scare Kids

Yes, tell them to be careful and steps to maintain hygiene but don’t do debates over it all day, it gives unwanted stress which results in weakening the immune system. Apart from that, it brings unwanted fear making them weaker. Keep them engaged at home, be it with their study, picking up a new hobby, playing indoor games or spending quality time.

2. Washing Hands

Though it is a normal thing, at this time it is to be religiously followed maybe every hour, Making your children wash hands properly with soap and water. Every time they eat anything, even it is dry food, make them wash hands. Being hygienic is always helpful to remain sound.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands is highly recommended.

3. Consuming Food That Helps In Increasing Immunity

Having food that is full of vitamins and minerals helps in making immunity strong. Citrus fruits, fresh vegetables and plenty of water are need for an hour for all of us to be safe.

Children love fruits usually, eat it without any tantrums, add it in their diet.
Wash fruits, vegetables properly before consuming. Avoid eating outside.

4. Stop Taking Children Out Unnecessarily

Though people have brought stock, for daily essentials, we parents need to go out for groceries. Go alone, keep your toddlers back home with family members. It is a routine for my toddler to accompany every time to go along for buying groceries on normal days, she won’t let anyone go without taking her. But this time we have stopped it, once she takes an afternoon nap or is busy in her room with toys, someone quickly rushes out to buy it.

5. Avoiding Gatherings/Visiting

Being social and visiting friends and relatives on weekends is always great but at this moment, safety comes first!
We should refrain ourselves from any such gatherings. This shall too pass, and we can again meet and enjoy gatherings.

6. Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces Daily At Home

Doorbells, dining tables, mobile phones, laptops, switches to be cleaned on a daily basis so that proper hygiene is maintained and children have clean surroundings.

7. Being Vigilant

Cover coughs and sneezes and throw the used tissue in the trash

If you have a cough, cold or fever-like symptoms. Wear a mask immediately, don’t do any self-medication. Take medical help it can be a normal cough or fever too. Don’t panic. Maintain distance from family members especially children.


Prevention is always better than cure and cleanliness is next to godliness – So make good hygiene a routine for your kids as well.

How are you taking care of your kids in this scenario? Share your tips and Pray that this ends soon.

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Simple and helpful ! A must do in the given situation. 👍