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9 Master Tips To Deal With Teenagers

9 Master Tips To Deal With Teenagers

Kids grow with no time, and every parent cherishes each phase abundantly. From the toddler’s first step when they start walking to stepping in their teenage life, parents need to be careful with their actions and all. We need to be cautious and set boundaries among our kids in all phases of life.

Here are 9 master tips that will help you in dealing with your teen kids in the best way possible.

1. Be Well Behaved

Being a parent is not the authority to misbehave with your teenagers. Behaving properly and treating them like teenagers instead of a child is the most important aspect of a healthy environment.

Avoid yelling at your teenager. Don’t ask silly and irrelevant questions for everything. keeping watch is a good thing, setting genuine rules and boundaries will never bother them for sure.

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2. Listen To Them

They are teenagers and make mistakes. Try to listen/counsel them yourself when you find mood swings or unusual behavior. Don’t panic and give them your time and love to overcome. Don’t advertise their flaws. No failure is ever big, I repeat “Ever”. We live in a society where mocking and social pressures affect so much that at times it becomes fatal for teenagers

According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau, 8934 (6.7% of all suicides) students are committing suicide every year. That’s one student every hour. 

3. Allow Them To Have Their Own Time

Give them little privacy – I have seen a few parents have this habit of sticking around teenagers if their friends visit the home, making them uneasy and uncomfortable. Trust them instead of being suspicious all the time. Keep the communication lines open, If your teenager needs you, he/she should readily ask you without fear.

4. Say No To Comparisons

Comparisons now and every then With Mrs. XYZ son/daughter is a big No in all phases of life. Don’t compare kids, teenagers and not even grown-ups with anyone. Everyone has their own life, own struggles, own flaws. Don’t even compare siblings, it not only affects the children mentally but infuses hatred at times among them unintentionally.

9 Master Tips To Deal With Teenagers

5. Keep An Eye On Their Friend Circles

An old saying ” A man is known by a company he keeps”.

This is somewhat Parents should keep track of. Friends of teenagers influence them. Teenagers mingle with new people outside schools at places like swimming classes/ dance classes/Tuitions. Refusing or rebelling for any reasonable boundary after they mingle with some new friends should be noted.

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6. Learn To Cope With Your Anger

Everyone can get angry despite whatsoever age they are in. A teenager is more Prone to get angry due to hormonal change. Keep yourself calm and stop passing judgments without knowing details. You too can be wrong at times. In addition to it give them space and time to come out of it, instead of giving a nagging about it.

7. Be Their Role Model

Behave properly with your spouses, your behavior is noted by your teenagers, they grow up watching you and get influenced by everything you do. Set examples and be their role model.

9 Master Tips To Deal With Teenagers

8. No Bullying Guidance

Teach your teenagers not to bully anyone for anything. Be strict enough at this point. Teach them kindness at all stages of life. Kindness is a virtue that is significant to live a decent life.

9. Take Care Of Yourself & Ask For Help

At times parents fail to make teenagers certain points, this makes them distress. Remember there is always a way out.
You can ask for help from someone close to your teenager – I remember once my aunt was not able to handle a situation(Related to studies), she called me and I took the challenge to talk with my teenager cousin,(Who is not less than a daughter to me) – Guess what? A half-hour call with my cousin with proper counseling solved it all.

A child can outgrow from your lap, but never out of your mind, that’s how teenagers grow!
Do you have a teenager? How do you handle them, Share your stories with us?

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