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5 Lifelong Benefits of Learning Urdu & Arabic

Learning a new language and adding it to one’s skill set is one of the wonderful things to do. It is one of the lifelong skills that a parent can encourage his/her child to learn. Language always fascinates us and can be picked by children at an early age easily. Every language has its own uniqueness and history behind it few of them are Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and Sanskrit.

For today let me take you around Urdu and Arabic because I being familiar with both of them can help you to explore the benefits of learning them.

Benefits Of Learning Urdu Language

1. Urdu is one of the cultural languages which has a rich literature and has familiarity with Hindi, Punjabi, Persian, Turkish, and Sanskrit. Learning Urdu can give better exposure to an individual for knowing other mentioned languages as well. Many basic words of Urdu and Hindi are similar.

2. Urdu is among the 20th most spoken languages in the world with around 160 million speakers in over 26 countries, which means if you’re traveling to any such country for studies or career opportunities, language won’t be a barrier.

3. Urdu is written from right to left enhancing your graphic structure which tends to sharpen your analytical skills as well.

4. The Urdu language is considered one of the most polite languages because of the words and phrases use. Have you ever noticed if a small kid says – “Tashreef Rakhay” (Translation – Please sit), How pleasant one feels to hear it? 

5. Most of the gulf countries -Like Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia have better job opportunities for Urdu speaking individuals.

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Benefits Of Learning Arabic Language  

#1. Arabic is a very rich language having different dialects and different calligraphic forms and styles. Learning it is an incredibly versatile skill to add on.

#2. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and has nearly 300 million native speakers, again language won’t be a barrier to visit any such country for better things. (Source)

#3. Arabic can connect you to a rich history and another civilization from the World which is immensely fascinating. The Arabic language is also written from right to left which is again uniqueness like Urdu.

#4. Arabic will enhance the learning of other languages such as Farsi or Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew.

#5. The Holy Quran was originally written in Arabic, though we have translations available, reciting it in Arabic has its own peace.

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Why PiggyRide To Learn Urdu & Arabic?

Learning a new language is never too early for children. In fact, children pick up it more quickly than adults. We live in world of digitalization, learning a new language is completely easy and is on our fingertips.

To make it perfectly easy for you and your little ones, Piggyride offers 100’s of foreign languages along with Urdu & Arabic language classes.  We have a range of academies and native tutors for catering to your need for impeccable Urdu and Arabic Language.

PiggyRide– One of the fastest online learning platforms for kids is aimed to make the learning journey of kids smooth and remarkable.

We intend to make the learning as joyful as that of our name “PiggyRide” – a ride on someone’s back.

Very well explained by Mr. Tewari, CEO Of PiggyRide– “As parents hold their kids on back and travel to make them fill with joy. We also aim to carry the growth of their kids and help them in their comprehensive development with joy and happiness.”

Most of you might feel nostalgic remembering having a piggyback ride on the back of your parents in childhood, I too felt the same the day I joined PiggyRide – the safest ride! I could connect to the name so much that it gives the feeling of trust, bond, and strength.

So Get ready to let your child explore Urdu  & Arabic languages with “Talfuz”  ( Proper accent)  by enrolling them with Piggyride  Classes and master it immensely well. Get, Set & Go.

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