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This Is How Motherhood Can Give You Superpowers

This Is How Motherhood Gives You Superpowers

Have you heard the story of “Mother Deer And Cheetahs”?

Let me take you through it. 

When Cheetahs chased a mother and her 2 baby Deers, the mother deer chose herself to become the food for Cheetash instead of her fawns and kept looking at her babies till the time they aren’t run far away safely. This is the best example of sacrifice, a mother can do for her children.

I felt myself truly blessed in October 2011 when I gave birth to my first girl child and now, I feel complete being a mother of two kids with a younger boy kid.

“The most magical day of my life was the day I became a mother”

Motherhood, a wonderful feeling in the world and adds me up with a lot of gains in my personal and professional life. 

Here are some superpowers that you get after becoming a mother which shows how motherhood can be amazing for you.

1. Communicating Without Words

Understanding some unspoken words is the most amazing feeling in this world. Whether they are hungry, in pain or sleepy knowing all these by feelings and emotional connection is what I’ve added after being a mother.

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2. Immense Love And Care

Loving moon to back is what can be defined as the best example of love with your kids. Loving your first kid with your full heart was everyone’s job and then expanding the love borders with the second kid is what I’ve added up after my second baby’s birth. Unconditional love and endless love are the outcomes of my motherhood journey.

How Becoming A Mom Can Make You A Superstar

3. Being Highly Responsible

Motherhood has turned me into the best guards and protectors. I can find out the best ways, the best foods, the best things for providing the best of the best to my kids. 

Also, now I can be sleepless for nights just to see my kids sleeping well or not.

Mothers don’t sleep they just worry with their eyes close

4. Developing A Feeling Of Empathy 

Being a mother and round the clock, with kids, I can feel empathy for others. I am able to understand others’ feelings and emotions better rather than putting up my feelings and emotions all over. Now I am able to see the world with their eyes.

I am proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a mother”

5. A Part-time Doctor

Yes, without any medical studies my kids turned me into doctors too, I can now try to fix the situations of the sickness of my kids before the family doctor comes in. We try to make our kid feel better with the small necessities of warmth, love, care, and the first aid required.

6. Being Generous

I am now the one who is always ready to give and help others without any return on investment. Being with my kids I am added up with the feeling of sharing and caring for no reasons and benefits.

7. Taking The Control

If I consider my family as a team then I am the coach for that team, I reached to this by guiding my kids for various good and bad paths of life, ways to deal with happy and sad moments of life and ideas to create a winning situation in the battle of life.

“To the world, you are a mother. To our family, you are the world.”

Take Away

Since this is the month of MOMS, and Mother’s Day has just passed. I want to celebrate this special feeling of motherhood with all proud happy mothers in the world.

Being a mother is a jewel of life.

Happy moms’ day to all the “mommas”, “Mummaaaas”, “Maas” and “Mummys”.

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I wish you all the best of health in this tough time.

Tell us about the superpowers that you’ve owned after becoming a mom. If you liked this article and want to get a regular free parenting content like this, sign up with PiggyRide.

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