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How to Make This Sunday Worth While For Kids- A Guideline On “Janta Curfew”

How to Make This Sunday Worth While For Kids- A Guideline On "Janta Curfew"


Coronavirus, Covid19, Quarantine are the three words that are making rounds from weeks now, staying indoors is not only the choice but a preventive measure for safety. Social distancing is the only key to this menace. Meanwhile, PM urged India’s 1.3 billion citizens to put themselves under self-curfew on Sunday (March 22) to protect further spreading of the coronavirus. It is though the need of an hour.

PM Narendra Modi made an appeal to all Indians to follow ‘Janata Curfew’ on 22nd March. He urged a few things to people like- (Source)

  • Not going out of our homes on Sunday, 22nd March, from 7 AM to 9 PM.
  • He appealed to the state governments, organizations that are led by youth, civil society, and other organizations to encourage the citizens to follow this curfew. 
  • He also appealed for taking part in thanking all the medical fraternity, who have been working and night at hospitals and public places by standing in the balconies and applauding at 5 PM on 22nd March. 

We have got work from home options and children are staying back as schools, day-cares, and playschools are already closed. In this situation, they are already confined to home, studying themselves or by the guidance of parents.

Work from home parents also trying to manage children while working. They juggle between children and work especially mothers. It is a challenging time. Children need attention too.so for coming Sunday (Weekend-No work from home as well) which is to be a self-imposed curfew, give your children your time, cheerfulness and amazing memories.

A little effort can make some quality moments and get a good change in these days of isolation. Here are 8 amazing ideas to make this Sunday worthwhile for your kids and family.

1. Experiment Cooking

Every child can experiment with things in the kitchen, not necessarily the dishes but snacks, fruit bowls, baking cookies. kids can be part of it, just stirring, etc while older ones can take part in a better way.

Let it be different than any other normal day’s meals. Once we can try to eat differently. It is always a reward if children irrespective of their gender have an interest in any kitchen activities.

2. Rediscovering Old Toys & Games:

 I have a closet that is full of toys and games, once new toys arrive the older ones are abandoned by my toddler. So this Sunday I’m planning to take them out. May be seeing them back and playing with them will bring some change some glimpse of happiness around.

3. Playing Indoor Games

When we were kids some indoor games like carrom, chess, snake, and ladder were a craze. but nowadays mostly children are into I pads and all. Let us teach our children that other than technology-based games, simple fun games are a source of amusement.  Planning to play carrom too!

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4. Making Photo Crafts

Photos collages and crafts are the all-time favorite hobby for most of the children. In this period of isolation, let us make some photo crafts and collages with our children which can add some grace to the empty walls and corner tables of our homes.

5. Watch A Family Movie

Yes, once a while for your children, you can watch family movies together. Make some popcorn too!

6. Practice Musical Instruments:

Let children play with instruments, guitar, piano if you have at home. Even toy musical instruments for toddlers are good enough to make some noise.

7. Learn Some New Language -Basics

Most of the people don’t live in their natives, so Let us pick the language where we live and make our children learn some basic words of it.

8. Don’t Forget Video Games & Disney Shows:

When everything else fails on coming Sunday, break the screen rule time and schedules and let them watch cartoons and play their favorite video games

Take Away

I being a working mother (Freelancer) try to cope with home and child on normal days, but this time it is not only about coping. It is about being responsible for every aspect. As a parent, you may feel like taking your child out for a while just a walk or swing in the park.  But don’t!

Nothing can be neglected. Social distancing, isolation, and quarantine are to be followed strongly. It is for our safety, our child’s safety, for our people, for our country.

 Let’s hope it ends soon, and we live, breathe and move freely!

 As a parent, we are most of the time remain confused about what to do and what not. Let us help you a bit with our regular interesting and updated parenting tips.

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