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How To Manage Kids When You’re Working From Home

How To Manage Kids When You're Working From Home

There is something that I believe about motherhood – Nothing makes a mother’s love her kid less! Be it a full-time office going mom or be it work from home mom and simultaneously a mother who chooses to be a full-time mother over her career deserves equally applause from everyone. It is all about choices and circumstances that makes women choose one among the specified paths.

How To Manage Kids When You're Working From Home

Each and every mother has her own struggles when it comes to raising a kid, an Instagram story of coolness enjoying Lunch with the kid doesn’t show struggles behind the scenes of work from home mom. Yes, today I chose to write around the topic balancing work and kid for work from home moms. yes – I am the one among them.
So here go the quick tips:

1. Getting Up Early

Getting up early is always a step for being energetic throughout the day. Try to wake up before your kid’s routine time, you can finish your most important task related to your work, reply to emails, making presentations which of course needs silence and peace around. I never cook early morning or do laundry because that can be done while your kid is playing around. For me, it works!

2. Use Naptime Of Your Kid Religiously

Kids usually have a pattern of an afternoon nap, maybe an hour or more. Take full advantage of it. As in the present situation too, kids are not going to school due to lockdown, I make the best use of her nap time, to write my blog with full concentration.

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3. Hire A Baby Sitter

Being a freelancer, I don’t have much work pressure plus my kid started going to school lately so I get time for most of the things, but if you have a toddler and you are working full-time, a baby sitter is highly recommended. Yes, you can’t keep your children entertained 9 hours and give 100% to work as well. Accept it! 

Make sure neither your child suffers nor your work. Both are important as you are committed and bound to be responsible, be truthful and honest about your commitments and responsibilities. 

Lockdown Tips

As per the present situation, our baby sitters, of course, don’t need to show up as per the safety precaution so managing yourself is only recommended. In this situation two quick tips that can be of some help are:

#1. Encourage independent activities of the kid, keep them occupied with toys, games, coloring and make sure you don’t give them all toys all at once, reshuffle within days. So that they don’t get bored.

#2. Make sure both mother and father consider responsibility equally in this time of need.  Communicate well with your spouse in advance about your virtual meetings, So that you can set routine in advance.

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4. Give Attention In Between

Do you know why you chose to be a work from home mom? 

Yes, because you want to give time to your kid as well and want them to stay in front of you. So make sure, when you take coffee breaks in between, you give them time and attention as well. It can be like talking with them or playing with them for a while.

I often see if I don’t hold my daughter once or twice during a day, she seems irritated and restless, making her cranky, she does not like me than doing other tasks until I hold and cuddle her.

How To Manage Kids When You're Working From Home

5.Solicit The Assistance Of Your Parents

If you live away from your hometown and it is getting hard to balance work, during summer vacation time usually, don’t refrain reaching out to your Parents or In-laws. No one can take more good care of your kids better than them. My in-laws spend around 4 months with me and happily take care of my kid without any conditions. Moreover, it helps the bonding of your kid with their grandparents and makes them quite compatible with more people around. It is a blessing if your parents/in-laws support you for your career and make things easy for you.

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Take Away

Give yourself a pat frequently and tell yourself it is going to get easy once kids grow. Yes, it gets easy with time and you can choose your work modes accordingly.   Trust me, you are a mother and can do a lot and conquer all.

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