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13 Genius Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

Parenting Hacks

Parents can’t be robots, they need hacks to save themselves from unwanted tantrums, and at times for something really helpful for better parenting.

I never knew hacks, until my girl turned a naughty toddler. Parenting hacks are a life savior. So let me take you around some quick genius hacks that will change your world from now.

1. Hiding Extra Cookies/Chocolates In Bread Covers

I hide extra cookies/chocolates in bread covers or any other covers in the refrigerator which kids hardly sense of being it their thing.

2. Cold Drinks Are Medicines

Nobody wants to give cold drinks to kids, tell them from the beginning that it is a medicine, after having a sip, make faces, and react if it was bitter medicine. I have successfully done it till now, hope to continue it.

Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

3. Keeping Pillow Aside

In the early morning, as I have to complete my house chores/work assignment, I keep a pillow aside my girl, to make her not feel that I am not present there.

Alert: It works as well as fails, depending upon your luck. Funny though!

4. Avoid Gender Stereotypes

Give Kitchen sets to boy child and Cars to the girl child as well.  It is just a way to make them understand that any work is not gender specified.

Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

There is no shame for boys to play with kitchen toys and no big deal for girls to play with car toys. It is a lesson more than a hack.

5. Vaseline As A Diaper Rash Cream

Sometimes if you fall short of diaper rash cream use vaseline. It works well.

6. Placing Cello Tapes Over The Speaker Of Toys

This hack I saw recently when a visited a cousin of mine.

She had done this to musical toys of her 2-year toddler to lower the sound from the speaker’s point of toys.

I saw it on Piano and other think pad musical toys. A smart hack indeed!

Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

7. Packing Extra Dresses In Hand Luggage

I remember when I traveled for a 4.5 hours flight with my daughter while giving the baby food she puked.

I obviously have packed her extra pairs of clothes, nappies, and everything for her but, I have not kept anything extra for myself in hand luggage.

So, I had a bad time washing it there on the flight. Since then even for visiting someplace for a day, I keep an extra outfit for myself as well. 

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8. Trim Nails When They’re Sleeping

This is the oldest hack, which even our mothers might have even used for us when we were babies.

I’ve mentioned it because it is not applicable for babies/infants only. I do it sometimes with my toddler as well. Especially when it comes to toenails. She gets very conscious while I do it normally otherwise.

9. Remove Crayon Stains With Toothpaste

My girl colors it on most of the surfaces, mostly toothpaste works well to get it off.

10. Water Toys For Bathing

If your kid does not like bathing, make it fun, add water toys, and tell them to give them a bath and keep them engaged until they start to love going to the bathtub.

Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

11. Roll Baby Clothes in A Baby Bag Instead Of Folding

Whether you travel for a day or more, a baby bag containing essentials is always required, extra and more clothes are always to be carried, roll them instead of folding, it saves space.

12. Use Frozen Marshmallow Instead Of Cold Ice Cubes

This hack is from one of my friends who is a doctor, actually, my girl had done her routine vaccination, and I need to put ice cubes over the vaccinated area.

She was denying it as ice cubes were too cold, I tried wrapping them in a thin towel as well- but no luck.

So my friend suggested to froze the marshmallows and keeping it from next time whenever required. They are soft and don’t feel too cold!

13. Keeping Tapes/Band-Aids Over Sockets

Once the baby starts crawling or standing make sure all sockets which may be reachable to them are covered with tapes or Band-Aids.

This is the first thing which I did when my girl started getting up of her own on the bed – for the bedside socket area.

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Take Away

All the above hacks have mostly worked for me and my circle, but not necessarily will work for all.

Know your child, make tricks, find hacks accordingly, and make your parenting easy. Parenting teaches you all with time and you became a master in it!

What are some of the hacks that worked for you? Share and help other parents as well!

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