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5 Solid Reasons Why Art And Creativity Are Important For Your Kids

5 Solid Reasons Why Art And Creativity Is Important For Your Kids

Do you know Art never dies?
Well, art and creativity are skills for life. They build a way of expressing one’s thoughts and help in developing confidence among an individual.

Most of our children have an inborn love for colors, give them crayons and they will color everywhere. 

5 Solid Reasons Why Art And Creativity Is Important For Your Kids

How about trying helping them properly and guiding them in a way, that may add purpose to the whole thing?
Yes, the right Purpose of their development.

72 percent of business leaders find creativity as the most important skill while providing jobs.

Let me take you around some of the important facts of art and creativity that help children for their development. Here we go-

1. Fine Motor skills

Have you seen toddlers picking crayons and sketching random lines? 

Well, most of us think they are just scribbles, but the thing is they have started developing their motor skills.

Slowly these random scribbles turn into proper lines, then alphabets and so on. Recognition is reflected in them after a good course of time. 

I remember my daughter used to draw lines with colors on drawing worksheets – standing line, sleeping line, and slanting lines in her playschool, and once she used to be home if she could find any object in the above-mentioned position, she could relate to it. 

2. Problem Solving Skills

The children who try being artistic are able to give expression to their thoughts and innovative with their creatives. It makes them confident and reduces fear factors resulting in problem-solving skills. 

3. Mental Wellness

Have you seen the individuals who get peace of mind after they draw a painting or sketch after their hectic work schedule etc?

Well, I know many of them, including one of my close friends who paints incredibly awesome. She says it acts as a stress buster for her. The same is with children, it is a self-soothing activity for them. It helps in balancing mental wellness in them.

Do you want your kids not to rely on Tik Tok to remain entertained? Gift them the skills of art and creativity.

4. Imagination Skills

It is needless to say that the children who draw can have excellent imaginary skills because it makes obvious sense to be imaginary. 

Active drawing and art skills help them in experimenting with plenty of colors and forms. It boosts their imaginary development making them doing wonders with time!

5. Sharp Memory

Images and visuals are easier to remember than plain text among children. That’s the reason we teach them with pictures A for Apple rather an only reading it out.

So similarly, when they color objects of fruits, pets, etc – It happens to remain in their minds and they catch it up whenever they see it next, resulting as sharp memory among them.

5 Solid Reasons Why Art And Creativity Is Important For Your Kids

 Art and creativity are more than a fun activity – It is a base for early development among children.

Every child is an artist all we need is to hold their hand and guide them initially.  Encouraging their random drawings with a happy smile adds value to their little minds. Happier they are, best they will try to be!

So, are you helping your children this weekend with their art and creativity? Well, we have something to offer too, making it easy for our viewers out there –

Here are some amazing artworks done by our followers-


Art By- Annanya

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