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Should I Be A Strict Parent? Read This Guide

Should I Be A Strict Parent? Read This Guide

Are your children disciplined?

Parents love their children abundantly without any selfish gains, their life revolves around them. Being a parent is a role that comes with unending responsibilities and duties.

Parenting is not always a smooth ride, up and downs, at times yelling (Which is not good at all), and much more. To raise a disciplined human, a parent has to put a lot of effort, patience, calmness and has to be strict. It is not easy to neglect all the mistakes at times because we parents love our children, one has to be vigilant and moderately strict. I repeat “Moderately strict” – because the harsh strictness never helps anyway good.

How To Know That You Are A Stricter?

Whenever we as parents do something, we feel oh, it’s ok, it’s for their betterment. We don’t give a second thought.  But remember We can’t be correct all the time. Look at some of the signs below and realize where you stand:

1. You set rules, give orders and set boundaries without taking feedbacks or let them put across their thoughts.

2. Silence and children confined themselves in their rooms on weekends and avoiding spending time with family.

3. Setting restrictions of going or friends visiting them for no defined reasons.

4. Expecting unrealistic results every time for every examination, no not every time your kid can get 99%. Please accept that!

5. Depriving them of small things which are affordable but you nag just to show off being a disciplined figure.

Should I Be A Strict Parent? Read This Guide

Disadvantages Of Strict Parenting:

1. Strict Parenting Never Raises Confident Grown-Ups

Children deserve love and appreciation. Being strict and setting unimportant boundaries and rules is of no good. I know someone who was sharper in studies during the childhood period in my acquaintance, he was not allowed to play with average studying children in family and neighborhood.

How good was that rule? Do you think this boundary would have helped him for any good cause?

No! It did not, later when he grew up, he did well with his career but at the same time he hardly socializes with people and lacks confidence in most of the things.

2. Depression And Loneliness

Communication between parents is important. Strict parenting hurdles communication because of fear. Small issues may be resolved by grown-up teenagers but at times they try to cope up with some other issues which either happen due to the onset of teenage age or anything which might have happened unintentionally or something as simple as a study-related.

They try to cope with themselves which they eventually are not able to do alone and can lead to depression. We all are aware of suicidal rates among kids just because they could not cope with the results and they choose to end life.  

3. Low Self-Esteem

When parents choose strictness over minute things, it makes children little dull and they express less. when they grow up with such surroundings, they turn to be adults with Less self-esteem and are less responsible.

4. Higher Chances Of Being Rebellious

Strict parenting cause anger issues among children which they carry when they are grown-ups. They become less obedient and needless to say have a rebellious behavior. And the chain continues, they too can become the same with their kids. 

Should I Be A Strict Parent? Read This Guide

Being a parent makes you enough patient and at times it drains off your energy, but children are our future and we need to put our efforts to make them responsible.  So be reasonably strict and be in their good books and good memories.
Are you fair enough to maintain discipline with minimum strictness?

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