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11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

The schools have shut and the extracurricular activities are no-where! Your cozy space at home has turned into mini divisions of offices and online meets. While work from home is slowly becoming a norm for all, there is a rising concern about the inactive slots of your child.

Are you too missing the action in your child’s life?

It’s time to brave out the outdoor travel inhibitions and make the best out of the idle time for your child. Let your child harbor new skills, kick out boredom and turn the stay-at-home into a sunshine routine!

Bookmark our handy guide to 11 skills your child can learn in a month while at home!

1. Creative Arts

Experts say that creativity is like nutrition that nurtures a healthy mind. A kid who learns art can connect people more deeply to people and open them to new ways [Source]. So why not give your child a daily dose of this goodness. But how? 

1.1. Fun Art / Drawing Sessions

When we involve children in drawing and coloring activity, it unleashes their geometry, measurement, and motor skills. 

1. 2. Exciting Craft / Origami Classes

There is no end to the variety of crafts your child can make using simple everyday objects and add a funky touch to the collection.

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

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2. Gardening

How about learning to create a mini herb garden with personalized (self – painted) pots? Children can spend their free time learning how to plant seeds and nurture them daily. Watching the plants grow gives them immense satisfaction and teaches them patience and plant science. 

3. Performing Arts

It may be tough to run after your child for exercise, but easier to engage your child in performing arts that energize and refresh!

3.1. Dance

A much-needed break from sitting and learning activities. Dance sessions give the perfect excuse to shake a leg and learn new dance forms. 

3.2. Music

Be it jamming, composing a new tune, or learning a new instrument, live music sessions not only add to your child’s skill sets but also work positively on the moods and emotional well-being.  

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

4. Organizing

Simple household tasks can be assigned to children on a daily basis so that they learn to organize their things, declutter their drawers, fold their sheets and clothes, and even do their laundry. Organizational skills go a long way in making children independent and capable of taking care of themselves. 

5. Self-Defense

Often due to the hectic schedule of child, parents tend to ignore training in self-defense or martial arts. Enrolling for self-defense or a martial arts class can not only maintain their physical fitness regime but also enhance their mental vigilance and focus. This will also give them the right dose of activity they require while staying at home. 

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

6. Communication / Personality Development

We all know how important are communication skills in your child’s overall performance. So why not give them regular training of verbal and non-verbal communication? Other than that, be it hosting an online meet, or fixing an online appointment with a technician or making an inquiry about a class, children can be asked to volunteer to handle these tasks so as to develop their communication skills. 

7. Money Management, Budgeting

Let basics of money, word problems, and conversions come out of their textbooks and enter their real world. Children can make use of their idle time in going for budget shopping, understand the comparative pricing of items in a supermarket as well as an exchange of change while shopping. This will enhance their mental maths skills, reasoning as well as decision-making skills. 

8. Yoga / Daily Fitness

A fixed slot of self-connect through Yoga/ Exercise in early morning hours will assure that your child had the just-right start of the day. Apart from flexibility, these sessions will also help your child with elated moods and positive vibes. 

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

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9. Languages

Stay-at-home Is the just-right time to achieve the linguistic goal for your child and add multilingual skills to their kitty. Foreign languages like Spanish and French can be ‘acquired’ and not just memorized if it is learned at the right age. Online sessions have made language learning in groups much more fun and realistic for kids. 

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10. Tech Skills

Technology is for sure the second language for a child in the current times. Children can learn MS Office, Coding, Image & Video Editing, and other basic computer applications, while at home. The development of these skills is certainly the need of the hour. So, let technical training sessions pay off in a big way!

11 Amazing Skills Your Child Can Learn In A Month

11. Culinary

Cooking sessions are a favorite amidst children as it promises lots of fun, experimenting, creativity as well as inner satisfaction. Let the kitchen table be their fun teacher teaching them tool planning, measurements, proportions, and food science. 

How To Start?

PiggyRide has understood the issue of the overall development of kids and has come forward with an amazing platform where you can work on the talent of your kids.

Now that we are conversant with so many skills that can be developed at ease while staying at home, what are we waiting for! Let’s get started and gift your child a bucket of skill-building sessions!

Enroll today, Smile Forever.

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