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19 Amazing Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

We live in a world of technology so is our educational niche, our children have become smarter. Gone are the days, when books were enough to teach children. Now children love to learn online, from tablets, etc. 

Moreover, it interests them and keeps them occupied in a better way. We can use the same E-learning technology for online-classes.

My daughter has learned her rhymes and some folk songs from youtube of her own. She at times asks to make her do an activity related to craft or colors as she has seen the same on youtube.

So, let me share 19 amazing educational websites and apps for the home-schooling of our children.  Online classes through educational websites/apps make tasks simple and interesting for children. So here we go.

1. Byju’s The Learning App

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

Byju’s is one of the most popular learning apps, this app can be used on laptops, tablets as well as mobile phones. It provides an amazing platform for free study material for both school and board examinations.

2. Simple Home School

As the name implies, it is just as simple as that! 

 It helps to plan the home-schooling with simplicity and fun.

3. Homeschool.com

From articles related to home-schooling to printable activities for children, this is a one-stop website for you.

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4. PowerMyLearning

This home-schooling website gives you access to thousands of free videos of interactive learning and games. You can build classes as well as assignments with them.

5. Vedantu Learn Live Online

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

It is the online tutoring website that covers all syllabus from CBSE to IIT JE. The online access is given free via the website and their app on android and IOS.

6. Xtramath

Xtramath is the website for learning mathematics in a simplified manner.  It is one of the interesting websites for children who love mathematics.

7. Howtosmile

This website is helpful for parents as well as teachers, this is mainly for children who love to learn out of school environment. It includes science and mathematics-related activities.

8. Duolingo

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

It is free language learning for children as well as an adult. It consists of various languages right from English to french.

It has quick head lessons and available on tablets as well. It has a premium version as well which doesn’t show ads etc.

9.  QuickMath

This app is for kids from 2 to 6 years. This app has the potential of self-improvement in terms of numerical problems.

10. Cuemath

It is a beyond school math-related app. It helps children in creating a strong foundation for learning and reasoning.

11. Youtube Kids

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

We have seen children using the normal youtube at times, by searching their kind of stuff /videos for them. This Youtube Kid is exclusively for kids only. There are both educational and entertainment videos present over it.

12. Science 360 App

This app is updated every week with high quality and authenticated videos related to modern science. This app is developed by the national science foundation and the data gathered is highly informative.

13.  Flow Free

Puzzle-solving makes one quick! So this flow free app is all about puzzles. There are around 2000 puzzles that are free on this app.

14. Spelling Stage

Making children learn to spell is a noted task. It needs patience. But the app spelling stage is a savior if you are struggling in making your children learn spellings. It has a premium version too, with the range of words for all groups of children.

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15. Amazon Kindle

 Amazon kindle is marketed by Amazon. It is for reading, buying, and downloading e-books.

16. TeachNext

It is the initiative of one of the digital classroom solutions company namely TeachNext. It teaches students via audiovisual content. The app can be downloaded from the google play store.

17. Funbrain

 This website is for children from preschool to 5th-grade level. This includes videos, books, and games. They don’t have any app as of now, nor mobile version. It can be accessed from a tablet or laptop.

18. Khan Academy

Tools For Online Classes Of Kids

It is one of the largest non-profit educational organization provides free e-learning via tutorials. Children can study maths, science with their own pace and time feasibility. The content mapped on Khan academy is based on CBSE and NCERT.

19. The Artful Parent

 This is specifically for toddlers and little older children. This app is all about making creatives from small crafts, Be it leaves, paper or simply dough, etc. It comes with a complete guide for parents as well.

 Take Away

There are plenty of more apps and websites – Both free and premium available on the internet. You need to choose personally among them, according to the age group and interest of your children.

Make sure you don’t rush and enroll for too many.  Moreover, keep regular watch over children while they learn online – So that they have no access to inpropriate or violent content.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned E-learning websites and apps are not affiliated to us in any way nor we are endorsing them. They have been compiled after researching over the internet. Before enrolling your children in any of them, please read terms and conditions attentively.

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