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Madhubani Painting Classes

Learn attractive Madhubani Painting classes by Deepali From Mein Bhi Kalakaar. Madhubani paintings - The art in itself!... Read more

Madhubani painting is fun for children, the paintings are completely the essence of peace and prosperity. Children adore these paintings which are based on the themes of natural colors. They are eye-catching and keep children interested and focussed.

At Mein bhi kalakar, Madhubani painting classes are driven by love for nature and go well with each group specified.

Madhubani Painting originated from Madhubani district of the Mithila region of Bihar. These paintings mostly depict nature and religious motifs and the themes generally depict deities, nature, fishes, peacock, etc. Natural objects like the sun, the moon, and the religious plants like tulsi are also widely painted, along with the scenes from the royal court and social events like weddings.

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