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String Guitar - Crash Course

Ria's Music Academy offers a String Guitar crash course for beginners. Get an opportunity of being trained by an expert guitarist- Praveen Wilson.... Read more

Excited for guitar crash course?

Learn easy approaches to playing string guitar to Kick start your journey as a guitarist. This online crash course is perfect for absolute beginners who are passionate about music and all in to just start it.

  • Get to know the parts of a guitar and explore the basics for using the string guitar. The sessions will cover:
  • Basics of c major scale - finger placements,
  • Right-hand left-hand posture sitting posture for guitar. Nails should be cut plectrum.
  • Holding c major scale and c minor scale play along with beats.
  • Sing-along, how to choose voice types- how to play a fingered chord and how to play with accompaniment.

Pick up your guitar & be a Rockstar.

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